Monday, October 27, 2014

Techie Tuesday: Teacher Website Workspace

Welcome to this year's first Techie Tuesday!

Techie Tuesdays are designated days dedicated to sharing technology tips that you can use right away!  The information is available in person on Techie Tuesdays, as well as online and available anytime!

Today's Techie Tuesday topic is:
-Website Workspace-
*Now is a good time of year to update websites with recent photos, announcements, or links.  

Google Sites are an awesome way to create your online teaching presence.  And, they're easy to use!

Here are some reasons to use Google Sites in your classroom:
  • Free
  • Associated with Google Apps (one login)
  • Webpage, blog, wiki, portfolio (all in one!)
  • Home-school communication tool that is accessible anytime, anywhere
  • A way to share learning beyond the walls of your classroom

Our staff webpage checklist at Weaver Lake:

Share your thoughts...
What other things do you think are important to include on your Google Site?  
What other tips and tricks would you like to know or share?  

What other topics would you like to see spotlighted for a Techie Tuesday? 

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