Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mind-mapping with MindMeister!

Students at several grade levels use mind-mapping as a tool for organizing their thoughts, research notes, or observations.  We have been using paid software programs to do mind-mapping, but have also been looking for an easy-to-use, free, web-based program that syncs with Google Drive. Enter MindMeister.

MindMeister is a Chrome App that is easy-to-use and syncs with Google Drive. It has many features, including color-coding, use of Creative Commons images, and collaborative mind-mapping.  It's been fun to explore this tool with students so far.

Here's a tip sheet we've compiled to help you get started with MindMeister:


  1. MagicalPad is a productivity app that allows users to take Visual Notes. It is an ALL IN ONE- Mind Mapping app, Outliner app, Visual Notes app and Visual Task Manager app. It allows users to Visually manage notes,ideas, mind maps, outlines, checklist and tasks for school, personal and business needs.We want to promote the mac app first, the iPad second (70% mac 30% iPad) just because of the price we charge, we get higher ROI on mac. But depending on the forum and keyword we link to the iPad app.

  2. Fantastic tools. I prefer a mind mapping software which is I think the most important tool that helps you to increase productivity, and yes, I have been using from long time. It is cloud based, collaborative and an extremely easy to use, without having an in-depth knowledge of tool before giving it a head start.

    Thank You!